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IDC company offers a range of system solutions for modernization in sphere of hotel industry. Individual demands of the customer and compliance of info-services with modern international standards are the priorities.

Our clients are the hotels St.Regis, Ritz Carlton, Hilton-Astana, Renko-Almaty, Atyrau.





Systems of interactive television and community reception of TV programs allow to demonstrate hotel services, to imrove broadcasting quality, to adjust TV remotely and access to the content and internet resources.

Interactive TV

The interactive TV system allows to demonstrate services and facilities of a hotel on hotel TV screen and mobile devices. Platforms, offered by IDC company grant a possibility to create own interactive TV system, to differentiate demands of guests and provide access to different hotel services. At that, the managers of the hotel are provided by an effective management tool of equipment and content doesn’t requiring updates, adjusting of every TV-set and additional staff. Platforms have a possibility of integration with PMS system and allow to realize such services as automotive language choice, pay-TV, displaying of personal account, express check-out, sending of messages to a guest through PMS system and many other. Due to the system, a hotel will be able to provide information about hotel services on TV-screen in a room and on a mobile device of guest (Android and iOS), thus providing several sales channels for services and goods of the hotel at once. Due to PMN application, guest can reproduce a content, recorded on their mobile devices: personal photos, video and music on a hotel TV.

Сommunity TV
reception systems

Systems, offered by IDC company represent multi-functional DVB and IP platforms, with wide functionality. Platforms are used to creation of digital DVB-C, -T, -S/S2 and IPTV Head-end stations and has modular architecture. A set of modules allows to receipt of off-the-air, analogous, digital and satellite channels, AV-signal and to transform it into digital or analog form. Universal modules due to selected licenses execute a wide functionality. It is enough to acquire required license without replacement equipment for changing of input reception format or output transmission format which makes it possible to minimize costs of a hotel for modernization. Head-end stations allow completing tasks for arrangement of cable TV in hotels, where coaxial cable-based network is set or is planned to be set.

Technical specialists of our company will adapt TV system to your demands and firm style. We will carry out a full cycle of works from system configuration calculation to the final commissioning of the equipment.



Automation of hotels


IDC company offer automation of hotel room capacity, which allows saving 35% of a hotel costs on electricity, heating, ventilation and conditioning by making small investments. The system behavior is based on detection of guest presence in a room, which gives a possibility to a hotel to reduce energy consumption significantly, decreasing consumption of electrical power in empty rooms. Systems allow to develop a consumption strategy of electrical, heat and other energy sources and to significantly decrease servicing costs.

Energy saving

System turns on/off a room contactor, which, in turn, commutate a preset power-plant groups for provision of a room supply when a guest is present and its turning off in case of guest’s absence. A socket network is divided on interruptible and uninterruptable segments, in case of guest’s absence; sockets of interruptible segment are de-energized. Uninterruptable sockets are used for connecting of TV-receiving sets, minibars and other eaters which required uninterrupted power supply. It allows reducing costs on electrical power significantly and provides additional security. A highly accurate system of guest presence detection based on detectors allows rejecting outdated and ineffective key receptable switches.

Room climate control

Instrument room connection of automation equipment on power and signal contacts of fan coils is carried out in every room. It gives a possibility to offer of fan coil equipment without thermostats and control boards, providing significant saving of budget funds. In case of guest’s absence in a room an automation system keeps lower temperature in winter and higher in summer. After room’s activation a system is aimed for comfort temperature, the value of which is preset. There is also a possibility of heating radiator (convector) control, equipped with valve with thermostatic actuators, driven by 220V pressure.


Thermostat with embedded or outside-mounted temperature device, optional detectors of presence, illumination and humidity.

  • On/Off of temperature control;
  • Fan speeds control of climate system;
  • Room temperature control

The system provides setting of climate statuses as well as in one or several rooms, and in the whole hotel room capacity according to guest’s presence, seasonal script, information, received from PMS about arrival/departure of a guest, room down-time and etc. Automation system turns off climate control equipment in detection of window opening for power consumption saving. For this purpose a magnetic contact detector of “sealed” type is used in the system. Climate control function allows to save significant funds on ventilation system resources, conditioning and heating in a whole hotel.


Using of presence behavior in rooms allows the hotel to reduce power consumption significantly, decreasing consumption in empty rooms. In addition, information on guest’s presence- is a valuable tool for housekeeping staff, providing a possibility to increase work efficiency and to exclude guest’s discomfort. Presence detector logic is based on two main parameters: signal of door opening detector and infrared motion sensor, permanently analyzing a room space on a guest presence. This is enough for precise detection whether the room is empty or occupied. The system of time delays works in conjunction with above mentioned logic. Each time when door seal switch alerts that the door was opened or closed, a counting period is started: room systems work in occupied mode until thermostat with embedded motion detector determines the room status. If in case of this delay period activity is detected in a room, the room continues work in active mode. If upon time expiry a motion wasn’t detected, the room is deemed as not occupied and a power consumption saving function is activated.

with online-locks system

There is a possibility of integration with an online-locks system of VingCard, Saflok, TimeLox, Salto or Hafele production. Integration is carried out on software and hardware levels and is feasible in case of RF transmitter availability in a lock design. Thermostat is a signal receiving device, through which the lock is connected with room wireless system network. Therewith a necessity of separate main network construction is eliminated, connecting locks with server; this function is moved on hotel automation system. The hotel services of online-locks system are connected by IP network. Advanced integration provides possibilities which are not available for offline systems, for example, card blocking right after guest departure from the hotel front desk and keeping of the whole history of room entry attempts sorting by date, time, room and card type.

Deep Mesh structure

Network Deep Mesh (DMN) infrastructure allows to organize low cost self-forming wireless network. DMN excludes necessity of plenty radio transmitters and overloaded networks with expensive external gates and routing devices, supporting limited number of rooms. This network requires only one routing device for 250 rooms. Additionally, this highly efficient architecture allows reducing costs on mounting, usually related with conventional networks along with permanent operational costs on maintenance in running order. DMN also excludes or at least incredibly reduces a cost sheet on cabling, which is significant in case of other systems usage. As opposed to other systems, the Deep Mesh infrastructure is embedded right into thermostat. The network became more reliable compared to systems with one route between device and central server.

Specialists of OUR COMPANY will help you to select an automation system maximally corresponded to your demands. We will design and develop software, install an equipment of automation system and conduct pre-commissioning activities.





Specialized software for improving of contacts with guests and staff control includes communication systems and voice messages, call accounting and billing, access control and security system and etc.

Software provides modern standards of hotel management and services’ quality. IDC company offers a range of applications for automation of management in a hotel business.

Therewith, FCS Unicorn system for billing by guest considers the whole complex of costs: local/international calls; usage of internet and mini-bar, inner pay-TV, specialized shops of the hotel and etc. The system works on real-time mode and allows to set counting options depending on the hotel tasks. The system, directly linked with check-in desk and integrated into other hotel info services provides a possibility to address changes of rooms’ statuses quickly.

Monscierge, iRis applications are intended to communication with guests online. It allows guests to save time and simplify receiving of information; hotels are allowed to receive analytics on profit for services, encouragement of guests’ loyalty and etc.

All software for hotels, offered by IDC have passed inspection and gained recognition in hotel all around the world. They are distinguished by ease of installation, flexibility and generality of usage, compatibility with other systems and rich of features.