IDC offers unique information solutions for businesses and non-profit organizations. We focus on creation of interactive systems, design and implement multi-media complexes for a wide range of purposes. Many years of experience in advanced technologies implementation and system integration allow IDC to provide your business with a modern level of management automation.

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Being the systems integrator, the task of IDC is in developing of projects ensuring correct interaction of all the systems in compliance with the international standards. IDC performs systems integration in all information services of the customer. We perform optimization of structured cabling systems (SCS); we design and implement reliable VCC systems. IDC has experience in comprhensive projects implementation involving data centers creation, situtational services and operations control stations.

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We offer a number of systems solutions meeting the international quality standards for effective management in modern hotel business. The major lines: rooms engineering-systems control, TV services and all kinds of communication automation, cutting-edge multi-media systems and security.

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IDC is the leader in the production and implementation of interactive systems for various purposes. We design specialized products for application in education, finance and business. We pay special attention to multi-media training systems, security systems and high-speed response in emergency situations, as well as to projects for urban environment using IoT technologies. Our solutions are distinguished with convenience and ease of use, reliability of communication channels, comprehensive integration into advanced control systems.

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